A study in Social Media Crises

Most people love the idea of sitting on Facebook and Twitter and Google+ all day. Maybe throw in a bit of Pinterest action and it sounds like quite the dream job, right?

What, you thought that was a regular Saturday? That, right there, is what most people think a brand’s Community Manager gets paid to do. And that is a lot of it, but there’s also the other side.

Crisis management – it’s not just for emergency services personnel in high visibility clothing.

As this infographic shows, PR crises are frequently playing out on Social Media platforms. While Twitter played host to a mere 18 percent of notable brand crises pre-2011, last year that sky-rocketed to 53 percent.

Being that Twitter is the instant gratification / venting platform of choice, if you can whittle your whine down to 140 characters or less, it stands to reason that Twitter is the place you’d head to air it.

PR teams scramble to respond to Tweet complaints, in an effort to quell the grumble before it becomes a full blown tirade. Remember the incident where Motley Crue singer Vince Neil had a lengthy rant about The Palms casino? That wasn’t handled effectively, and suddenly the whole world knows about his perceived poor service.

Of course Facebook, YouTube and blogging platforms also wear their share of brand Social Media crises. Be it a ranty status update, helpfully tagging the brand so that everyone knows exactly who’s done the person wrong; or a scathing blog post; or a Vlog that is shared on YouTube in the hopes of going viral and alerting the Interverse to that particular brand’s faux pas.

While the majority of negative feedback revolves around customer complaints, a massive 33 percent of Social Media crises are actually caused by the brands themselves. Whether they aren’t paying attention to respond to complaints, or they aren’t trained or equipped with the knowledge on how to quickly and effectively manage the issues, either way – it’s not working.

What causes Social Media crises, and how do they spread? [infographic]


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Original Article: Socialite Media – A study in social media crises

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